Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad PCOS day

A bad PCOS day is when you are forced to confront the bastard that is this condition. It was a super bad day for me. I cried at work several times. I really want to get pregnant and I'm not getting my period. The metformin, low carb diet and 5 days/week excersize is apparently not good enough for my body to drop an egg. Yes I already have one child, so if I hear "You should be happy with your one" I will blow a fit.

I'm forced to face the fact that I may not have another one. Fortuntely or unfortunately the first one came easy....the fates are messing with me...and I'm pissed

I'm doing some research into Chiral Balance and Insulite Laboratories. No I am not promoting them...just trying gage how effective they are. So far noresponse from the Chiral people, but its only been a day.

Sigh, I hope tomorrow is better...I hate this condition.


Anonymous said...

Oh my friend...

I hug you hard. You deserve it all and I wish I had magic powers for then you'd have it all.

PCOS Warrior Chick said...

Thanks dude. Your a true friend)